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About Robert

Robert Fani began getting involved in all facets of real estate from building complex databases of residential projects to even attempting renovation projects himself. He has found professional success by providing buyers and sellers insightful yet practical solutions to help them achieve their goals while also successfully completing real estate projects himself.

After graduating college, Robert decided to enter the financial services sector in a client facing capacity supporting top tier institutional clients through process engineering, project management, and data analysis. Already with a B.A in Marketing and a few years in client facing roles, Rob completed an MBA in Finance from St. John’s University to gain a deeper understanding of project financing.

As his career progressed, his management of end to end projects afforded him the ability to see data analytics powering good business decisions. He applied his project management expertise and love of data to perform residential investment analysis for a niche client base to identify undervalued properties in Monmouth and Middlesex counties. Rob has made a career utilizing sophisticated models to achieve quality outcomes for his clients through his superior project management skills and local market knowledge. Clients routinely comment the service they’re provided exceeds expectations through Robert’s remarkable due diligence, expert market knowledge, and sincerity in helping them achieve their goals. Robert provides a tailored marketing perspective seen through the eyes of a fellow passionate homeowner exhibiting a level of detail that can excite anyone about the real estate market! Purchasing/Selling a home is a highly personal, emotional, and often nerve racking experience; which is why a pragmatic and process oriented real estate professional with a commitment to providing best in class insights is great to have in your corner.

What sort of person can you expect to meet when Rob pulls up? A prudent and passionate guy, who is most proud of his true profession. Being a father. He’s committed to your goals and may even be more candid than warranted; however, his sole intent is to provide you with constructive feedback to help guide you through this emotional and costly experience. You should also expect delays in Rob’s responses on Sunday’s in the Fall as he enjoys The New York Jets at MetLife Stadium with his family!


Robert will prepare an in-depth market analysis to help you find out the value of your home in the current real estate market.

Knowledge of the marketplace is key in making sure that you get the most money for your home, and that it sells as quickly as reasonably possible. Contact Robert today for a no-pressure conversation about how he can help to strategically price and market your property.


Frequently Asked Questions

You must take into account the prevailing state of the real estate market and especially local market conditions. The real estate market continually changes, and market fluctuations affect property values.
A real estate agent is more than just a sales person. A real estate agent can provide you with advice and guidance when buying or selling a home. Due to the constant changing of the market, you need an expert whose occupation is helping clients to buy and sell homes.
Along with economic factors such as supply and demand, the time of year you choose to sell can impact both the length of time it takes to sell your home and its ultimate selling price. Typically, the real estate market picks up around February, continues strong through late May and June, and tapers off during July and August.



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